The wine belongs to the barbecue

The barbecues are already in full swing. Can you imagine a barbecue without quality wine? We definitely don't! All kinds of wine can be enjoyed at the barbecue.

The most common white meat that we grill is chicken. Here we definitely recommend well-chilled white wines. If you choose semi-dry, you will avoid making the wine taste like meat. You will do well if you reach for, for example Veltín green whether Chardonnay.

 If you have grilled fish, you will not do anything wrong with Pinot Gris or White. We also recommend white wine with grilled vegetables.

Slovaks also like to grill steaks or burgers. These are red meats to which they clearly fit red wine. For fatty meats, we choose young red wines, for fasting meats, mature red wines with a strong taste.

In any case, choose the main wines that you and your visit enjoy on your barbecue. For example, last time I got our quality whites Pinot Gris Exclusive to the beef steak and nothing special happened. On the contrary, I tasted like never before 😊