Just as Jakub prospered in the wine trade, so he prospered in procreation. He had eleven with two wives. Sons Jozef, František and Karol continued in their father's footsteps.

Jozef and František, who were sons from their first marriage to his wife Anna, born Rauch, traveled a lot. They subsequently used all the knowledge in their father's company, in which they became partners. After the sons were invited to join the company, in 1872 the new name of the company Jakub Palugyay and Sons began to be used. After returning from Paris, Jozef came up with the idea of ​​producing a new kind of sparkling wine under the Chateau Palugyay brand. It was sold on overseas ships, in exclusive restaurants, first-class hotels or in luxury train classes. Karol's son from his second marriage, which Jakub and his wife Anna, born in Strasser, had, took over the management of the Hotel by the Green Tree from his father. Thanks to him, the first cinema in Slovakia was set up in the hotel.

After the sons enter the company, Palugyay and the sons experience a golden age. Jakub and his sons are buying other pubs in Bratislava to store wine reserves. These were located on Kapitulská, Ventúrská, Liptovská, Spišská and Turčianská streets. In the eighties of the 19th century, the company also includes a large part of Erdödy's garden and the location of the present-day streets of Bratislava Tolstý, Gunduličov, Lermontov and Somolický.

Jakub Palugyay dies in May 1886. However, he dies knowing that Palugyay and his sons are in good hands.