Palugyay, which was later called Palugyay and sons, was undoubtedly one of the most successful companies in the former Austria-Hungary in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among other things, period articles in various dailies and magazines indicate this. You can even read about the quality of Palugyay wines in the book. We bring you the first part of quotes from newspapers and magazines that mention Palugyay wines.

The newspaper quoted Jakub Palugyay's statement several times: "Wines are children. They must be brought up. "

Pester Lloyd Newspaper (1865)

"Prešpor hotelier and wholesaler of Palugyay wine, who at the time when his Imperial Highness Maximilian I traveled to Mexico, provided the frigate Novara with the necessary wine and later delivered significant quantities of wine to Mexico and last year to Abesinsko, as well as for the East Asian expedition. 10 bottles and many barrels of different wines, now received a letter from Singapore, sent on April 16. In the letter, on behalf of the staff of the frigate of His Highness "Danube" dr. Janka informs that all bottled and cask wines were well preserved during the trip in all respects. "

The diary further quotes from the letter:

"We tried all types of wine in several latitudes, which after we crossed the equator twice and the wine was exposed to high and low temperatures as well as frequent stormy shipping, allows us to announce that it has not lost anything in its quality. Even the light cask wine, which we still have a small supply of, has been preserved very well. These wines are our only source of encouragement and refreshment in this so hot climate. "

Austrian newspaper (June 20, 1865)

"In the past 14 days, 25 bottles and 700 buckets of Hungarian wines of the finest varieties were delivered to the Mexican Imperial Court in Prešporek."

Austrian newspaper (May 2, 1869)

"Mr. Palugyay's wines from Prešpork are gaining more and more popularity in Mexico, and according to official reports, another 28 bottles are going there. Dr. Rittersberg, the Austrian shipping officer in Trieste, writes in his report: Mr Palugyay has the undeniable merit of opening new lucrative markets in Mexico for the best Austrian and Hungarian wines, which no wine trader has succeeded to such an extent, which is of great importance from the point of view of state commercial and economic interests. Mr. Palugyay's wines are so popular in Mexico that they have virtually no competition and offer a promising prospect of further commercial expansion. "