A different wine goes well with each meal. Choosing the right wine for each type of food is often a great art. In general, we choose white light wines for white meat, fish, seafood or salads. For dark meat, divine and spicy dishes, we prefer red wine. However, the Czech expert on etiquette, Ladislav Špaček, points out that even this rule may not always apply.

"However, the range of white and red wines is so wide and the transitions between species are so smooth that, for example, we can have lighter red wines for salmon or tuna, white and red for chicken, depends on meat processing, for fine white cheeses, for spicy and spicy red, "he states in his book on the Starling label.

For dessert, however, drink sweet wines. Champagne or champagne is universal. "It is the role of the sommelier to recommend the most suitable wine according to the selected dishes," said Špaček.

Have the right wines with your meals TRAMIN RED a FRANKOVKA BLUE.