It has certainly happened to many wine lovers that they cannot find a corkscrew at the most inopportune moment. No need to panic! All we need is a nail and a hammer. Open the bottle of wine by hammering the nails into the cork. Of course not completely. Only to such a depth that we can then pull the nail in the following way with the opposite end of the hammer and thus open the wine.

Of course, the best way to open a bottle of wine is to use a corkscrew. We know several species. The classic corkscrew is without a lever, the plug is pulled out only by force. The wing corkscrew does not require such effort. It is especially suitable for home use. Two-phase corkscrew is the most practical. It also contains a small knife and a lever that allows you to lean on the neck of the bottle. The spiral corkscrew is probably the most comfortable, it requires almost no force. It works on the principle that we first drill the spiral into the plug and then the plug protrudes upwards. The lever corkscrew is the fastest. Grasp the neck of the bottle with both holders, tilt the lever down and then upwards. This is how we open a bottle of wine. However, according to winemakers, it is not very compact.

We also know the opener without a spiral, with only two clips. It is a practical opener, especially for archival wines, which are assumed to have a fragile cork. However, this opener requires skills because it is necessary to insert the tabs between the cork and the neck of the bottle.

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