Sv. Urban, patron saint of winegrowers


Just today, May 25, we celebrate the feast of St. Urbana. The patron saint of winemakers, wines and winegrowers, but also coopers. Sv. Urban was a Gallo-Roman Catholic priest, the sixth bishop on one of the most important episcopal thrones of what was then Gaul in the northeastern part of Burgundy. He lived from 300 to 375.

He really liked wine. Miracles are attributed to him, so the winemakers chose him as their patron. This function is often incorrectly attributed to St. Pope Urban I, whose feast day is celebrated on May 25. Persecuted by the Gentiles, St. Urban hid behind a vine bush and so saved himself from them. Therefore, it is often depicted with a grape or a vine branch in hand.

The winegrowers try to gain the support of St. Urban to protect their vineyards. Statues of St. Urbana is also located at the entrances to the vineyards in Slovakia. His feast is associated with rain, storm and harvest. The bright sun on Urban means an abundance of good wine. If it's a good time for Urban, the grape picker will be blessed. When Urban laughs, the grapes cry (juicy grapes).