We have written about the beneficial effect of wine on longevity several times. This claim was reaffirmed in a recent study by the University of California, published by According to a new study, sensible drinking of wine is associated with a longer life. When you add coffee to it, your life can be extended for another few years.

The study examined 1 participants at an adult age. According to research, people who drank moderate amounts of wine or coffee lived longer than those who did not. "The study also states, somewhat surprisingly, that overweight people in the 600's lived longer than normal or underweight people," the portal said.

However, it is important to drink wine or coffee sensibly. For Americans, the study determined that sensible drinking is one alcoholic beverage containing 14 grams of pure alcohol per day for women and two for men. Ten grams of pure alcohol contains three deci of beer, one deci of wine or ten milliliters of hard alcohol.

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