We met the great-granddaughter of the founder of one of the largest Slovak wineries, Jakub Palugyay. Lucia Palugyay, who is a successful speech therapist, told us in a short interview whether her childhood was full of wine and whether it is actually true that Palugyay sparkling wine was also drunk on the Titanic.

You come from a well-known Palugyay family, whose wines have been known or rediscovered by the whole world. Was your childhood full of wine too?

Not at all. We did not have continuing ambitions, as this was not possible at the time. I grew up at a time when the history of the Palugyay family was more or less taboo in communist society. So I knew little about the important role wine played in our family. Over time, gradually, I learned the facts and history of our family. Among other things, the fact that the Palugyay family owned the first car in Bratislava, founded the first cinema and its hotel by the Green Tree later became one of the most famous hotels - the Carlton Hotel.

Can you tell a story about the Palugys?

I know from the story, for example, that my father's father, my grandfather, who owned a house in the center of Bratislava on Zelená Street, was known for organizing big celebrations for many people. Often in his house, which offered huge space, a lot of food and drink. He was a well-known hedonist, he loved life and he could enjoy it (until the beginning of communism). However, I no longer knew him, as he died before I was born. To this day, my father's sister lives in this house. 

How do you rate wines that bear the Palugyay brand?

They are excellent. I am surprised how much they honorably compete with foreign wines, which are loved by the greatest "connoisseurs". I think that Palugyay wines will please every wine lover.

Is it true that the Palugyay sects also enjoyed the famous Titanic?

Yes. My father told me this, who has this information from a family chronicle that archives the Palugyay family.

Do you really like wine?

Yes definitely. As a classic consumer, I like to enjoy white or rosé wine in the summer and I prefer red in the winter. Sometimes I also taste other brands like Palugyay.

Do you believe that wine is reasonably good for your health?

Everything in moderation is beneficial. Also wine. At least mental health.

In the end, what would you say to future or current fans of Palugyay wine?

Let all wine lovers taste Palugyay wines without prejudice. Let them support Slovak wines. We need to look forward to how tasty and high-quality our wines are.

Lucia Palugyayová handed over the coat of arms of the Palugyay family to the general director of Villa Vino Rača, Ján Krampl.