Travelers encountered Palugyay wines in every means of transportation, in every corner of the world. This is evidenced by an article in a Budapest newspaper from the end of the 19th century. Jozef Palugyay is said to have been responsible for inventing a method of overseas wine transport.

Budapest daily HON (May 18, 1879)

"If you want to drink good wine in Hungary when traveling by train or in an inn, just say Chateau Palugyay and you can be sure that you will remember for a moment the inscription on the old Polish glasses" unus non sufficit ". And when one travels further towards Warsaw or St. Petersburg and the accommodation is not satisfied with it, all you have to do is say Chateau Palugyay and you will immediately feel comfortable. He will find safe refuge with this wine in London as well as in Berlin, when he sails to New York, when he goes further to Buenos Aires, he encounters Chateau Palugyay everywhere, "wrote Jókai Mór and continued with an anecdotal story:" A traveler when he returns home after the other half of the globe, he finds Palugyay's wine there as well. We remember the story of two gentlemen from Hungary who ordered the best Bourdeux wine in a restaurant in Calcutta and served them to Chateau Palugyay. The English-speaking innkeeper explained the geography to them, meaning that Chateau Palugyay was said to be the best location in the Bordeaux wine region. "

Magyarországi hiradó (May 4, 1905)

"Jozef Palugyay is credited with finding a way to transport wine overseas. He also broke through at the Vienna World's Fair with a perfect wine adjustment, the shape of the bottles, the graphics of the stickers, the corks - he was a pioneer in that, followed by others.