Do you know how to properly hold a glass of wine, especially in restaurants? One golden rule applies here. We always hold a glass of wine by the stem, never by the body.

According to the Czech expert on etiquette Ladislav Špaček, a glass of wine is the most noble thing we have on the table while dining. Therefore, the glasses should glow throughout the dining time. "Just to shine, we must not touch the body of the cup, but only the stem. They could lose their luster and the wine would lose their spark, an important characteristic feature, "stressed Špaček in his book on the label.

Properly holding a glass of wine is not just about keeping beautiful. It should be noted that every wine should have the right temperature. By grabbing the glass by the body, either with our fingers or the whole palm, we would warm the wine, ie degrade it. We hold red wine by the stem at the top. It is served the warmest, so the heat radiated from our hands will hurt him the least. "Glasses for red wine tend to be even larger, which is why women in particular have to exert great force to keep them," added Špaček. We keep white wine significantly lower and sparkling wines even completely down, as we serve them the coldest of all types of wine.