Six wines from Villa Vino Rača won a gold medal in Pezinok, three of which were Palugyay

The wines from Villa Vino Rača are not only tasted by experts at Paris competitions, but are also successful at domestic competitions. The 25th annual Pezinok Wine Markets competition, the nomination competition of the National Wine Salon of the Slovak Republic, took place on this year's Pezinok markets on the last weekend of March. Up to six wines from Villa Vino Rača won the gold medal from Pezinok.

The gold medal was won by Palugyay Frankovka blue raisin selection sweet 0,75 l y. 2018, Palugyay Frankovka blue ice wine sweet r. 2018, Palugyay Frankovka blue selection of grapes dry red 0,75 l y. 2015, Noria selection of grapes 0,75 l y. semi-dry white Exclusive coll. 2021, Tereziánska Frankovka quality branded wine red dry r. 2017, Cisársky Tramín red semi-sweet white 0,75 l y. 2021