In the previous sections, we approached how to order wine correctly, how to taste it or how waiters should serve it. But do you know how to drink properly in the company of wine?

We drink wine with the first drink. Czech etiquette expert Ladislav Špaček points out that we drink only wine or sparkling wine. So we can't combine the sting of wine with beer or juice. We can also drink after the seats. Just lift the glasses with a gesture of greeting towards the other guests. "It is also possible to strike, especially in pairs, but with a larger number of guests we do not walk around the table so that we can also strike with those we will not reach. We just nod symbolically with the cup and look them in the eye, "states Špaček in his book.

The ceremonial toast for the stands takes place only at festive banquets, after the speeches of the host and guest. "An old tradition says that she does not tear her crystal cups. It is based on the experience that they are more fragile and much more expensive, "said Špaček.

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